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Why I Switched From Cable TV to Satellite

These days I’m known as “The Satellite TV Guru” but about 8 years ago I was actually a cable subscriber and had never owned a Satellite system in my life.  I have always been a huge television and movie buff, and believe it or not, although I watch a ridiculous amount of TV and can always be found near a computer I still maintain a normal life, no I’m not 400 pounds, and I have a wonderful wife.

I grew up watching cable television, and even though I heard about the great deals that Satellite TV offered, for some reason I stuck with cable just because thats what I was accustomed too.  Well one day the cable company I was with, was sold to a larger company you may know as Comcast. Our cable prices eventually went up and before I knew it I was paying ALOT more than I wanted to for cable service.  Since I watch a lot of TV I had the best package they offered with a ton of movie channels, and the truth is that I thought I was going to have to switch back to basic cable because it was just becoming way to expensive.

I have a family and although I do well, the price of premium cable these days is just ridiculous, and most families just cant fit that into their budget.  I really didn’t want to switch back to basic cable but I wasn’t left with much of an option.

The next weekend I was reading the newspaper and I saw an advertisement for DISH Network.  They were advertising the same package I had, with all of the premium movie channels and content for less than half the price I was paying every month!  Well that did it, and I finally made the call and ordered satellite tv service.

Since that day I have never looked back and that was one of the best decisions financially I have ever made because since that day I have literally saved thousands of dollars.  The best part is that I now get MORE channels than most of the premium packages on cable.  As you can probably tell by my site, these days I am a huge satellite TV advocate and I can be found constantly browsing the satellite section of the DSL Reports forum.  Over the past 8 years I’ve watched a lot of great television, and I have Satellite TV to thank for that.

If you are looking for the best overall Satellite TV service, I recommend signing up for DISH Network through AllSat.

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