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Video on Demand

With more and more people switching to Digital Television, the use of Video on Demand has been skyrocketing. VOD (short for Video on Demand) has been around for a few years on Cable, and has just recently become available on Satellite. Although Cable TV companies pioneered the technology that makes Video on Demand possible, DISH Network and DirecTV have recently announced that they will be offering the service.

Video On Demand allows a user to watch whatever shows they want, whenever they want. This technology allows the viewer to browse through a virtual library of hundreds of shows and movies, select what they want to watch. The show or movie is them streamed directly to that television. The viewer can also pause, play and rewind the content that they are watching, which makes watching VOD similar to the DVD or HD DVD experience.

Many companies also offer Pay Per View Movies and Shows on Demand. This is great because it allows users to watch their Pay Per View Movies whenever is most convenient for them, instead of having to wait until the next show time. Satellite Companies also have been offering Near Video On Demand (NVOD) which offers pay per view movies and shows starting every 10-20 minutes.

A great advantage of Video on Demand that is often overlooked is the fact that there is limited or no interruptions from advertisements with VOD content.  This is great news for anyone who watches shows on network television these days, which have commercial interruptions every 10 minutes.  Any commercials that are shown on VOD are often shown before or after your movie or show actually starts.

Video On Demand is really a great way to save money.  With a whole library of movies and television shows to choose from you don’t need to go to the video store to rent or buy movies.  There are a wide variety of shows available, so there should be something for just about everyone.  Reality Shows, Sports, Sci Fi, even Karaoke, Dating and Fitness shows – Video On Demand has it all.

If you have a family there may be some programs on the VOD that you don’t want your kids to be able to watch.  This is why Video on Demand has built in parental controls and programming locks allowing you to control exactly what your kids can watch, providing a safe experience for them, and allowing you to relax knowing your kids are watching appropriate, quality programming.

Video on Demand in HD has recently launched over many Cable and Satellite networks which allows the viewer to watch Video On Demand HD content. HD content is definitely the future of Video On Demand and you can expect to see more HD content added in the near future, as more bandwidth becomes available.

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