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Satellite TV on your PC

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The conventional TV set and a set-top satellite receiver to view satellite TV is increasingly being replaced by the idea of satellite TV on computers. The computers can show DVDs, streamed videos and satellite broadcast with high clarity and finesse. Free-to-air satellite broadcasts are transmitted so that the viewers can enjoy these channels without any additional charges. The computers are adequately designed to receive FTA broadcasts anywhere in the world. In order to view more number of channels, one must have a decoder too.

PC system requirements

In order to watch satellite transmission on computer, one must ensure the following hardware/software components are incorporated in the system:

The operating system should be Microsoft Windows XP.

The multimedia technology should be Microsoft DirectX9.0C or later. This makes the computer an ideal platform for running rich multimedia elements as full-color graphics, video, 3D animation and rich audio.

For playing video and audio broadcasts, the media player should be Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.0 or later. This media player enables playing of audio and video files stored and streamed from the internet.

The processor of the computer should be at least Pentium IV with 2G MHz CPU specification and 256 MB of RAM as memory specification.

The multimedia specifications must be supplemented by a VGA card with 32 MB memory at least. Video Graphics Array (VGA) deals with the frame refresh rates in hertz. It also deals with the number and width of horizontal lines which ultimately specifies the resolution and pixels.

For listening to live streaming audio, sound card or on-board sound chip must be incorporated in the system. The sound cards provide audio component for multimedia applications such as editing video or audio, presentation and games.

1 free USB 2.0 port – This is used to allow peripherals to be connected using a single standardized interface socket.

The computer would also need the digital satellite dish and LNB. A satellite dish is a type of parabolic antenna designed to receive/transmit signals from satellites. LNB stands for the Low-noise block down converter. LNB converts the signal from electromagnetic or radio waves to electric signals.

USB satellite television receiver with DVB-S must also be incorporated with the system. DVB-S is a mini digital satellite receiver for receiving the signals. DVB means Digital Video Broadcasting and it is the error coding and modulation standard for satellite television.

Installation and getting started

After the installation of the satellite dish and LNB, the cable from the dish to the satellite TV receiver must be connected. The next step is to install the necessary software(s) on the computer that came with the USB satellite receiver. The process can be completed by following the instructions. The next step is to connect a USB cable into a free USB 2 port on the computer. The last step is to run the installed software and begin using the system.


The biggest attribute of cable TV on computer is that movies and other programs of interest can be downloaded directly for later viewing. This system provides round the clock excellent quality programs and unaffected by local disturbances. It also gives the advantage of choosing the time of program viewing from among a very vast number of channels. This system also facilitates programs being categorized for different age groups. As far as the financial aspects are concerned, the owner has to pay only a one-time fee for the PC satellite TV. The downside of this satellite TV on PC is that the entire broadcast is dependant on the weather conditions. In addition, some extra payments may be needed to be made for local channels. The kind and quantity of equipment needed is also more for this system. The clear reception of the signal is facilitated by unobstructed southern exposure. However, satellite television on computers is a great technology in the digital entertainment field.


The recent developments in digital entertainment have led to the hike in the number of channels to as high as 3000 local and international channels. The satellite transmission on computer enables high quality cinematic effect viewing at affordable prices. The option of customizing the various broadcasts according to personal requirements has added another feather to it. This magnificent system allows choosing between the languages with the help of adaptable and scalable software packages. The satellite transmission has always scored over the conventional cable television. The strength and quality of the signals received are better and also offer excellent resolution. The tally of channels also increases in case of satellite television. These satellite broadcasts also transmit radio broadcasts and thus help in further widening the horizon of digital home entertainment.

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