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Satellite DVR

What is Digital Video Recorder (DVR)?

Digital Video Recording (DVR) is a technological device that records television programming in a digital format. It immediately transfers the data onto a storage device like a compact disk or a disk drive. The digital video recorder is quite similar to a set-top-box. This hardware requires a software if it has to be connected to the computer or any other device. The investigatory firms, hotels and malls that have installed CCTV’s for inspection and supervision, use the digital video recording technology.

What is Satellite DVR?

Satellite Digital Video Recording is a process in which a specialized device converts the signals received from the satellite into digital form that can be easily stored on devices. The complete procedure is quite complicated. The MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 formats are coded in such a manner that people cannot view it without paying the specified amount of subscription fee. A satellite digital video recorder has two tasks to perform. Firstly, it has to decode the received signal and then crack the encryption of MPEG signals into normal analog signals that are easily deciphered by the computer or television to which it is connected. With a satellite DVR, you can enjoy all the benefits which maybe you didn’t even imagine while using yo0ur normal TV or computer.

You can stop live channel relay anytime; you can pause serials for shots, you can just rush with the advertisements and even watch only that one favorite thing of yours over and over again. A satellite DVR is this and much more. One needn’t go in for big tapes and other devices. Just that small DVR box on the TV is more than sufficient to pursue all these tasks. The picture and sound quality is extremely good and hence it surpasses the benefits of a VCR. Less space and increased utility and quality, makes the satellite DVR a thoughtful proposition.

A satellite DVR is very easy to use and even a layman with the basic instructions will be able to operate the device. It is all remote controlled and hence one can actually sense the progression of modern technology through means like this. It is nearly a flawless system that can make TV viewing a much better and satiating job. It follows the multi-tasking approach of a computer and hence you can record, see, listen and even postpone shows-all at the very same time.

History Flashback!

TiVo was the prime manufacturer of the digital video recorder. You can call them the revolution initiators as it was them who brought the concept of DVR’s into the market. Since then, a number of company’s have been established. DIRECTV and DISH network are the most famous services provided by the US Satellite Service Company. These digital set-top-boxes enhance the complete TV viewing experience.

Satellite DVR Services

A person can actually view the program schedule for the next 9 days. This is applicable for all the channels that are being digitally transmitted. You can pre-plan the recording schedule or even adjust the timing of your favorite show as per your convenience. The programming window of DirecTV’s DVR is active for 14 days and one can actually program into the future. The satellite DVR can actually provide a lot of comfort to the busy people. The adjustment of time schedules as per one’s liking is a major plus-point of satellite DVR. The digitized picture quality is excellent and one needn’t even strain ones eyes looking at the distorted images. The automatic recording services also help the viewers to a great extent. Be it matches, news or movie-anything can be recorded.

More about Satellite DVR’s

The collaboration of DVR’s with satellites has helped both the channel producers as well as the viewers. The transmission speed has boosted up considerably and the broadcasting can be now done in a more formatted manner. Satellite DVR’s are slowly and steadily even moving towards moving towards being compatible with the internet. If the connection strikes, one will even be able to use internet services on one’s television box itself. Satellite DVR’s ease the complete viewing cycle to a great extent and hence one can easily make optimum use of one’s resources.

Hardware requirements

A dish has to be placed in the terrace or balcony. The mouth of the dish should be facing southwards. Moreover, there should be no obstruction in its path. Tall buildings and trees that cover its scope area are generally the hindrance factors. There has to be the TV set-top-box or any compatible hardware machinery that is expected to connect the dish to the broadcasting device like the television or computer.

Why Satellite DVR over Cable TV?

DIRECTV and DISH more affordable and effective than the normal cable services. The facilities offered by satellite TV are great and one can actually experience the comfort personally. One needn’t pay those heavy cable bills as the subscriptions charges are affordable and one can easily operate the complete set-up. The satellite DVR’s are user-friendly and people of all age groups can access the facilities. One can actually pick and choose channels of interest and ones liking and pay accordingly. Movies can also be screened on request basis. The set-top-boxes have a number of other features too and hence one can play songs and games on them.

Why is Satellite DVR Superior to Cable?

A satellite DVR offers you the best of service. You can record and then subsequently play and replay serials, news and matches as per your own choice. The timing cycle provided by the satellite DVR is very flexible and easy to use. Anyone and everyone can easily understand its functioning and usage. All these factors are responsible for the growing popularity of the satellite DVR’s. People prefer the satellite DVR’s over the normal cable and internet connections as one can actually avail double the services in half the cost. A satellite digital video recorder is a great proposition for the people who are real TV addicts and the one’s who love to watch and again watch the same shots over and over again.

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