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Free Satellite TV

Updated: July 28th 2009

Conclusion: If your looking for the lowest priced Satellite TV service out there, I recommend checking out DISH Network. With plans that start at just $9.99 a month, you can get all of the same channels as with cable or DirecTV but for much less. You can find out more and sign up for DISH Network here.

Every month, we receive a large amount of emails that ask  if it’s possible to get Free Satellite TV.  Many people have heard rumors that it is possible, but few people know the facts.  So with that The Guru set out to see if it was possible, and if so, to find out exactly how. When we set out on our quest to find free Satellite TV we decided that any methods we tried would have to be 100% legal. This eliminated one of the options below because as we started researching it, it became clear that it was illegal and clearly in violation of both DirecTV and DISH Networks terms of service.

1. Satellite TV on PC

Satellite TV on PC software such as Satellite TV for PC 2009 Elite Edition, allows you to watch satellite TV right on your computer without having to pay a monthly fee. Basically with Satellite TV on PC you buy the software and then never have to pay another fee to access all of your favorite channels. Most Satellite TV on PC programs allow you to access thousands of channels including premium movie channels, news, sports and more.

Satellite TV for PC Features

  • 3000+ Different TV & Radio Channels available to watch right on your computer.
  • Works everywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Radio & TV Channels from 80+ Different Countries.
  • Over 50 Different Languages Supported.
  • Get Channels Not Available to you locally.
  • 2500+ Different TV & Radio Channels.
  • Works on Laptops and Desktop Computers.
  • No Adware or Spyware.
  • 100% Legal.

You can find out more info and sign up for Satellite TV Gor PC 2009 Elite Edition here.

2. Free To Air Satellite TV

The first thing we came across on our quest to find free satellite TV was FTA satellite service. FTA stations, which stands for Free To Air are satellite television stations which are not encrypted, like conventional DISH Network and DirecTV channels.  To receive FTA signals you can use a DISH Network or DirecTV satellite dish, and you will also need a rotor.  FTA works by pointing the dish at a different satellite for each channel, this means that the satellite dish needs to be able to automatically rotate to a certain position. This is where the rotor comes in.

Unless you are a hardcore satellite television fanatic we don’t recommend FTA.  The setup can take days, and you need to have a good amount of technical knowledge.  FTA has a pretty big following on the internet, but if you’re looking to casual watch the football came on Sunday this isn’t really a viable option.

Overall Free to Air Satellite was a pretty big disappointment.  Most of the channels are actually pretty pointless, and FTA didn’t have the premium channels we were trying to get for free.   This option was clearly not the full “Free Satellite TV” that we were looking for.

3. Satellite Descramblers

Continuing on our quest to find Free Satellite TV we came across Satellite descramblers.  We didn’t get very far in exploring this option before it became clear to us that attempting to unencrypt DISH Network or DirecTV signals was highly illegal. It is basically stealing satellite service. So that was the end of the road for this option.

3. DISH Network and DirecTV Deals

Probably the best way to get free Satellite TV, however was an option we knew about to begin with.  DISH Network and DirecTV often have deals and offer 3 or even 6 months free before you start paying for the service.  Even though you have to pay for the service eventually this seems to be the best route for getting free satellite television, for a few months at least.  DISH Network plans start at just $9.99 a month, so even if the service may not be free, it’s definitely a lot cheaper than what your probably paying for Cable or other Satellite services and probably the most economical TV service out there.

Some inexpensive DISH Network plans to consider are:

Name Channels Price
Smart Pack 38 $19.99 / Month
America’s Top 120™ 100 $32.99 / Month
Turbo HD Bronze 40+ (HD) $29.99 / Month
Turbo HD Silver 50+ (HD) $32.99 / Month
Turbo HD Gold 55+ (HD) $44.99 / Month
As you can see by the table above, DISH Network has a wide variety of different plans available for under $40.00 a month. You can find out great deals on both of these services on our Dealer Comparisons Page.
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