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Dish Network Information

DISH Network is the fastest growing and very widely recognized satellite TV service. It is perpetually searching new methods to provide free services and technology upgrades to cater to the increasing public. It is the lowest priced Digital Television Provider. The network aims at bringing a wider choice of programming options for the customers. DISH Network scored the maximum and beat DirecTV and other TV companies in an index. It also acquired the top spot in Customer satisfaction amongst Satellite / TV Subscribers by J.D. Power and Associates. You can find Great Deals on DISH Network Service through our Dealer Comparison Table.

New technology

The signals of DISH Satellite TV are 100% digital. However, many homes in the United States have analog televisions. The digital MPEG-2 signal has to be converted to the analog format. If subscribers of the DISH network have digital High Definition televisions, HD receiver deals can be made. High Definition television causes the dish television viewers to enjoy a crystal clear picture along with Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound. Such an entertainment experience is not possible on analog televisions. High definition is the forerunner in the television entertainment line.

HD and DVR

In May 2005, DISH Network Television service expanded the digital High Definition Television. This was achieved by appending 10 original VOOM HD networks. Due to this addition of originals to the HD programming, the network has proved that it is at the top in HD programming. There is a plan to add many more Voom HD station in the future. DISH Network provides a fascinating gift – Digital Video Recorder. The utility of the home entertainment is greatly increased by this. About 100 hours of program recording is possible to view in the future. When the favorite program is being broadcasted and you are away from home, it can be recorded and seen when you return back. It is necessary to preset the Digital Video Recorder and the program is recorded on the DISH network DVR Hard Disk. Libraries of favorite movies, sports events and music can be made. Sports can be given a personal touch by an instant replay of the viewer’s choice.


DISH Network Satellite TV furnishes a huge selection of programs from the major networks, movie channels (HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and ShowTime), Pay per view facility for hot new releases, major sports events, news, international programming, local channels and a tremendous variety of Sirius Radio and audio-only channels. These can play non-stop digital satellite music for all the 24 hours of the day. All the above mentioned entertainment is offered at an unbeatable price. The network also has the facility to program parental control. Thus, it is possible for parents to monitor what their children watch. DISH Network has an affordable start-up cost and professional equipment installation. There is a total freedom from Cable TV companies. DISH Network has more than twelve million customers. Out of the 250 channels it provides, there are 100 local networks, 30 sports channels and more than 110 exceptional channels in foreign languages. There are some special packages that have pay-per-view events, music channels, movies, family entertainment, children’s channels, Hallmark, Lifetime and many more. There are also 25 fundamental and enhanced interactive channels that can be used for shopping, sport betting, games etc. From the comfort of the house, it is possible not only to watch a myriad of channels but check current weather, check road conditions or shop. The Sirius music has thrilling Deejay hosts, expanded music genres and great talk shows. With DISH Network it is possible to view movie channels like HBO, Cinemax, ShowTime, regional and national news network like the CNN, Fox News, local and national sports channels. There are also weather channels, children programs, adult programs, shopping networks and international broadcasting from particular parts of the world like Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Reasons for top position

DISH Network is the No.1 provider of home entertainment due to three reasons. The first is the wide selection of programming and a better convenience than any other company. Secondly, the DVR is a complimentary gift for those who are satisfied customers of the network. The third reason is the prompt customer service that is provided. There is a 24-hour toll free number where a helpful representative can be heard. He plans an appointment for a technician to visit the caller’s residence. The technician is a well trained specialist who can demonstrate how the system works and satisfy any queries of the customer. Any problems that may arise later are also cared for by this person.

Plans and Prices

To begin building the DISH Network System online, it is essential to provide the first name, last name, email, Zip code, phone and the promotion code. Then, the number of TVs in the home has to be entered. Further, there are several programming packages. America’s Top 120™ is $19.99. America’s Top 200™ is $32.99. America’s Top 250™ is $42.99. America’s Everything Pack costs .99. DISH Latino has a price of $14.99. DISH Latino Dos is $26.99. DISH Latino Max is priced at $36.99. The Great Wall TV is $19.99. The DISH DVR Advantage costs $28.02.

In one of the plans, free digital satellite equipment along with professional installation up to 4 rooms is supplied to first time subscribers. Additionally, there is a gift of Digital Video Recorder. Due to the free equipment and promotional offers, DISH Network appeals to the public more than ever. Nowadays, there are Free DISH Network Deals available. As the cost of marketing online is less, the online promotions are cheap.

DISH Pronto is the top online dish network retailer. It can provide terrific packages to the new customers. The best HD receivers, free Digital Video Recorder and free fast standard professional installation are offered. DISH Pronto processes the order professionally and has tremendous incentives above those offered by the network. There is a next day installation service. Some other attractive issues are as follows – up to 4 TVs can be connected in the house for free, the $54.99 Activation Fee is credited back on the first DISH network bill, the satellite TV equipment is guaranteed with the DISH’s Home Protection Plan. There is also a free gift worth $100. This may be a Home Theater system or an airline ticket. You can get started with DISH Network through AllSat Here.

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