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DirecTV Information

DirecTV Official Offers

If DirecTV is ordered, you save around $520 right off the bat. If you subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket which costs $69.99 per month for 4 months you get the Premier Package of more than 250 channels including Starz, ShowTime, HBO, Cinemax and other 30 specialty and regional sports networks are obtained free for 4 months.

The standard installation of DirecTV is free and there is good around and 100% digital picture. The rating that it deserves after the satisfaction of its customers of this network is higher than other satellite and cable providers. There are also plans of Free DirecTV Plus HD Satellite receiver upgrade or DVR. The network has local broadcasts in 141 markets in the United States. This amounts to more than 94% of the nation’s TV households. Some of the local channels are Macon, Madison, Austin, Baltimore, Birmingham etc. DirecTV has an offer of 4 premium movie packages and 1 premium sports package that can be added to the programming. Baby First TV is now introduced for the smallest kids in the family who are less than 3 years old. The packages for the DirecTV Lineup start from just under $29.99. The package that suits the individual and the family can be chosen. The DVR service is free for 4 months.  Sign Up Here!

DirecTV Plus DVR

DirecTV Plus DVR is an all in one receiver. It is a perfect combo with DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket and Super fan. It combines the digital quality programming with Digital Video Recording. It is possible to rewind or even hit the pause button for live TV. 100 hours of programs can be stored. Incredibly, two shows can be recorded simultaneously. This product is an interactive DVR. It is being widely regarded as the most sophisticated Digital Video Recorder in the current market. It has unbelievable features like interactive TV enable, one touch search and Bookmarks that aid in marking the favorite scenes in recorded programs and directly reaching them.

To record a particular show, it is sufficient to select the show. Then, DirecTV plus DVR does the rest of the work of recording the show and updating the settings automatically, if the timing of the show changes. Also, the reruns of the show can be skipped and only the first run can be recorded. While recording two shows, it is possible to view a third show. There is a fast forward option to be used during commercials and a slow motion option for instant replays. The monthly fee for this service, including a DVR in the house is $5.99.


The DirecTV HD TV results in a dramatic enhancement in the performance of the TV. There are enhanced clarity, brighter colors and at the same time higher resolutions. These benefits of HD and those of a DVR are obtained in the DirecTV HD DVR Receiver. The year 2007 is called as the year of HD for DirecTV. During this year, DirecTV can broadcast more than 150 National HD Channels like TBS, the Weather Channel, CNN and 1500 Local HD Channels. This means that thrice the amount of the favorite movies, TV shows and sports events can be viewed. In the year 2007, DirecTV is set to provide 100 National HD Channels. Also by the end of the year, the target is the local HD programming in 67 markets. The DirecTV HD equipment consists of an HD-ready television set, a DirecTV HD system and an off-air antenna. In DirecTV HD DVR receiver, it is possible to record 50 hrs of high definition. The DirecTV Active channel can be used for weather information, horoscopes and lottery results. The Channel Guide can be selected 14 days in advance.

DirecTV in comparison with DISH TV

DirecTV has 16 million subscribers and has beaten DISH TV in all respects. DirecTV provides a large number of sports packages or channels, a good service rating by its customers, more subscribers and more satellite music channels as in comparison of the DISH Network. Also, due to the lawsuit, it is possible that local channels might be lost on DISH Network. DirecTV has been voted as the best picture quality by Home Theater Professionals. There are no activation fees for this network. Sports packages like the NFL Sunday Ticket, NASCAR Hot Pass, NCAA Mega March Madness and MLB Extra Innings are available only on DirecTV and not on DISH or Cable. As per the American Customer Satisfaction Index in 2006, DirecTV has ranked number 1 for the consecutive 6th year. Although DISH TV has being doing business for twice the period as compared to DirecTV, it has 35% less customers.

DirecTV in comparison with Cable TV

There is absolutely no comparison of DirecTV and Cable TV. DirecTV is way ahead of Cable TV in a myriad of aspects. It can provide a crystal clear digital signal for 99.96% of the time, irrespective of whether it is raining or sunshine. Thus, the reliability is better than cable television. The cost of DirecTV per channel is 74% less as compared to Cable TV. Hence, for each entertainment dollar of the customer, DirecTV provides more choice and quality. In the DirecTV package, there are 140 digital channels, local channels for an expenditure of $49.99 per month. In case of cable, a similar expenditure will result in the procurement of 60-90 analog channels. As per recent studies, the prices of cable have risen by 41% since 1998, while satellite TV costs have increased by 8%. The number of unhappy customers of cable TV is much more than those in DirecTV. The Comparison of DirecTV and Cable is analogous to that of DVD and VHS.  You can get Stated with DirecTV Here.

The Latest News

The NFL Sunday ticket is now available on the DirecTV. This network has now become the first to deliver the History Channel HD. The Local HD channels on DirecTV have now reached 70% of US households. DirecTV topped the customer satisfaction criteria in the ACSI survey for the seventh year continuously in 2007.

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