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Blockbuster Online Review

Verdict: Overall a good service, ability to return movies to the store is something Netflix can’t compete with.

Recently we have launched a section of the site that provides information on Online Movie Rental services. After recently reviewing Netflix, I thought I would give Blockbuster Online a shot as well.

Signing up for Blockbuster Online only took a few minutes, about the same time as Netflix. The clear advantage of Blockbuster that was apparent from the start was the fact that you can rent and return your movies from the store as well as online. This is great if you want to rent something at the last minute and don’t want to wait for your movie to come in one business day.

When renting from the store the service works exactly the same was as online. The amount of movies you can take out at one time depends on your plan, the less expensive plan lets you take out one movie at a time, and the best plan let you take out 3.

Once I signed up I made a list of movies I wanted just like on Netflix and they arrived the next day. I watched the movies that night. Everything worked and the movies were in pretty good condition. When I was reviewing Netflix one of the movies was almost unplayable, so it was nice to see that the movies I received from Blockbuster were fairly new. I don’t know if they do a quality check or we just lucked out, but either way we didn’t have a problem.

After I was done with those movies I mailed them back, and the next round of movies arrived in a few days. I wanted to see how the service at the store was, so instead of sending these movies back I returned them to the store. The employees were friendly and I found out that with my Blockbuster online plan I could rent movies from the actual Blockbuster store as well. This was a nice feature, however they do limit the number of in store movie exchanges you can do each month depending on your plan.

I think that ability to return and exchange movies in store is a really nice feature, however most people seem to sign up for online movie rental services for the convenece of being able have the movies delivered directly to your door, and not having to go to the store.

Overall and to my surprise, Blockbuster really held up to Netflix. I would recommend looking into both Blockbuster and Netflix if you want to rent movies online. If you are looking for a more flexible service than Netflix that allows you to return movies to an actual store instead of having to mail them back, Blockbuster is for you.

You can find out more about Blockbuster Online and Sign Up Here.

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