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Advantages of Satellite TV

Satellite TV provides a superior picture quality to the viewer. There is also an increasing trend of offering satellite TV services free. There are no contact commitments, a free satellite dish, free installation, free shipping, free DVR, free HD system upgrade, free 15” LCD monitor and very low prices.


Satellite TV offers more number of channels as compared to cable TV. The prime advantage of Satellite TV is that free-to-air channels that are present on a wide range of satellites can be freely explored. In this case a custom built satellite system proves to be very handy. Additionally, if there is a motorized or multi dish set up, the advantage is multi fold.

Although, custom built systems are expensive, a very large number of features can be availed as compared to a Sky receiver. Foreign satellites can be explored using the multi dish system. Satellite TV has premium content, pay per view and one-way broadband Internet. The One-way satellite broadband has to use the existing modem of the consumer for the uplink and the dish for the downlink.

No subscription service can be compared with the number of unbelievable entertaining channels that can be given by satellite TV. The minimum package has about 500 varying channels that include all the aspects of human interest like music, movies, sports, news, religion etc. In case the viewer is in need for more channels, satellite TV will upgrade these channels for him. Also this huge bundle of channels is not very expensive and not beyond the capacity of the average working class individual.

A moderate fee can be charged by the satellite TV, largely due to the growth of the internet. A single enquiry on satellite TV is capable of returning 100,000 results. It is possible to subscribe to local channels through the satellite in many metropolitan areas in the United States. These local channels can be accessed by the remote control using an off air antenna that can connected to the satellite receiver.

New technology

In case of Satellite TV, there is a complete digital programming. The Ku band signals offer remarkable resolution and clarity. Thus, there is no need of the analog networks. The entire area of the United States is covered. Hence, for those living in rural areas or those not having access to cable TV, this is a great boon.

In case of cable TV, the consumer has to compulsorily subscribe to the cable company in his area. However, Satellite TV allows the choice between collections of retailer companies. Many DISH Network and Direct TV dealers provide a facility of free equipment and installation. The Satellite TV system can be connected to two or more TVs at one time. If the same program is to be viewed on all the TVs, then no extra equipment is required. If different programs are to be watched on different TVs, then separate receivers will be required for each TV. Most of the satellite TV companies provide these extra receivers at nil cost, to encourage buying the system.

When the consumer is changing his place of residence, the satellite dish can’t be dislodged and taken with him. However, if he informs the satellite TV provider, he will install a new dish at the new location. The Satellite TV system has features like the parental lock and on screen programming guides.

The subscription rates for premium channels are less for satellite companies than in case of cable companies. Nowadays, Satellite companies have started offering HDTV programming. HDTV has a better resolution, truer color, clearer reception, a widescreen picture similar to theater and multi-channel Dolby Digital surround sound. Satellite TV provides cutting edge technology platform. Due to this, a remote control can be used to order a pay-per-view movie or an important soccer match. The Satellite TV provides interactive features like online ordering and shopping. The Satellite TV is known for a crystal clear and digital quality signal. The customer service of the provider can be called any number of times to change the programming.

Effect of Weather

If the weather factor is considered, the satellite TV reception is not affected due to rain or snow. If the LNB is covered with a large amount of snow, the problem can be overcome by simply brushing away the snow from the LNB and the dish arm. The reception is crystal clear and unaffected until there is some gross displacement of the satellite. Only fierce storms have been able to disrupt satellite reception till they are present.

International Programming

DISH Network is the leader in case of providing international programming and offers nearly six foreign language packages and many individual foreign language channels. Direct TV has the facility of programming in Chinese and Spanish. DISH Network is the satellite provider for foreign language channels like Farsi, Greek, German, Asian, Arabic, Polish, Korean, Spanish, Urdu and Russian. All those living in the continental US or Hawaii and having a valid credit card and those who are first time customers can qualify for the Free DISH Network systems and avail the great versatility and appeal.


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