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5 Ways to Get More for Your Money with Satellite and Cable

1. Use Leverage to Get New Equipment For Free

Satellite and Cable TV companies will do WHATEVER they can to keep you. If your satellite equipment is old or outdated, call the company up and tell them you are going to be switching to a different company because they are offering you a better deal. Check your local newspaper or online for the current deals that are out there, you can use these as leverage against the current provider you are with. Most times they will match or beat deals the deals of their competitors. Enjoy your new equipment.

2. Eliminate Premium Channels by Renting

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to receive the movies that HBO and ShowTime have to offer, consider trying out Netflix. Netflix plans start at just $4.99 a month which can be a third or less of what your currently paying for movies. Even though it will take about 1 day to get your movies now, you have access to more movies and shows that HBO or ShowTime have, and you can always make a list ahead of time so you will automatically receive movies in the mail when you send the previous movie back.

3. Package Deals Save You Money

If have cable with a large provider such as Comcast you can get a bundled deal – Cable, Internet, and Phone service all through the cable company which may be less than getting them from different companies. Comcast has a promotion going called the Comcast Triple Play where you can get all 3 services for under $100.00 a month.

4. Keep Track of What Your Paying

Every now and then I like to check and see what the current pricing is for new customers. Often when a company introduces a new pricing scheme they will first introduce it with their new customers and keep current customers on the old pricing (if you pay more) as long as possible. If your company is offering service for less, give them a call and tell them you want to be included under the new rate.

5. Don’t be afraid to switch companies.

When you are with a specific cable or satellite company for a few years, you often get accustom to their services and are hesitant to switch companies for a better deal. If you see a better deal somewhere, and if the techniques above fail to save you money, don’t be afraid to try a new company. Don’t let your current cable or satellite company intimidate you into staying with them, or try to offer you a cheaper rate for a few months. Switching to a new company can often be refreshing and end up saving you a lot of money.

One Response to “5 Ways to Get More for Your Money with Satellite and Cable”
Grace - November 13th, 2007 at 7:37 pm

I always hear that cable companies will work hard to keep a customer, maybe even throw in some freebies. But it has not been my personal experience with Comcast, which twice in the last 14 months, has let me reduce service with nary a sales pitch.

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